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Do you work with foreign companies?

If you operate in the international market, we offer factoring solutions designed to satisfy all your liquidity needs.

Our financial services for those who work with foreign markets

We offer financial services for Romanian companies that have credits towards foreign clients.

We undertake to manage, on an administrative level, your credit by taking care of its collection and taking on any risk of insolvency. This will ensure easier credit management, the optimization of cash flows and a possible guarantee against the risk of insolvency.

Factoring without recourse

This solution provides the coverage of the debtor’s insolvency risk by the factor (Ifis Finance) for uncontested assigned receivables. We assume the risk of non-payment by the debtor within a contractually defined amount. We take care of the management of credit collection directly.

Factoring with recourse

We address to companies operating in the international market and who need to liquidate trade credit. We manage the collection and administration, so that the transferring company can have an advance on the assigned credits.

Outright purchase

We provide the advance payment under guarantee of the amount of the assigned credit at a price and a date agreed with the factor (Ifis Finance). You can therefore transfer to us integrally the credit risk and the risk of late payment.

Advance for future credits

We offer financing through the advance of credits that will derive from the contracts with your company’s customers.

Reverse factoring

With this financial service we ensure full assistance to medium or large companies in managing supply debts, accompanied by a possible proposal for deferred payments.

Additional options

You can combine the factoring solution you have chosen with some additional options:

Non notification

Through this option the notification of the assignment to the debtor is not provided. It can be applied to all types of factoring.


With the maturity option, the Factor (Ifis Finance) guarantees to the assignor the payment of the assigned credit upon maturity, offering in the same time to the assigned debtor the opportunity to obtain a further deferment of payment of the original credit with a financial cost on its own expense. The option is applicable only for reverse factoring.


Liquid assets

Our solutions help in the correct planning of cash flows and the correct sizing of financial costs.


Acquisition of funds in the invoice currency, without exchange rate risk.

Risk free

We support you in developing new customers without the risk of credit loss.

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