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Cookies are small strings of text that the website sends and memorises in the user’s device; to then be used by the website itself at the user’s next visit. During navigation, the user’s device may also receive cookies sent by different websites or web servers (belonging to so-called “third parties”), on which there could be elements (for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to the pages of other domains) present on the website visited. Cookies are used for different purposes such as performing IT authentication, monitoring sessions, memorising information on specific configurations concerning users accessing the server.

To change your settings for the use of profiling cookies, please click “Cookie settings”.

Cookies can be strictly necessary /analytical or profiling.

  • Strictly necessary cookies: can be divided into session cookies (guaranteeing normal website navigation and use) and depending on the whole user browsing etc.
  • Analytics cookie: used to collect information in an aggregated form, on the number of users and on how they visit the website.

Prior user consent is not needed to install those cookies. Strictly necessary/analytical cookies are installed in the user’s device in order to identify the user when it logs in to websites, to analyse navigation in order to continuously optimise it and to conduct analysis to improve website aspect, functionalities and security. This website uses strictly necessary /analytical cookies enabling personalised navigation, based on criteria entered in the website by the user. Prior user consent is not needed to install those cookies.

  • Profiling cookies: profiling cookies create user profiles and are used to send advertising messages in line with preferences shown by the user itself when navigating online. By law, the user has to have expressed valid consent before those cookies can be installed. Profiling cookies can be used for remarketing / retargeting activities in order to present users with advertising for the products and services they have already seen on third party websites (e.g. social networks like Facebook, etc.). This website might also use tag pixels / web beacons, that is images incorporated in the website to measure and analyse its use. Lastly, it could also use third party multimedia widgets / plug-ins to enable sharing website contents on social networks. Those interactive programs collect the IP addresses of users, the website page visited and configure cookies to enable the widgets / plug-ins to function correctly. The operations that users can do through those widgets / plug-ins are regulated by the privacy policies of the third parties (e.g. social networks like Facebook) providing them.

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